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 AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor

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PostSubject: AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor   AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor Icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2017 12:13 pm

The second track is Mills Metropark.

(1rst base downloaded in treepteam site)
Adjustment almost all DDS. textures by me. Some changes or adjustments in gdb and scn file and dds textures are needed, such as intensity of color, lighting, contrast, type and model of sky, skybox, horizon, shade and textures of trees, road, rmbles and grass model, etc ...

AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor 23210 AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor 23311 AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor 23412AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor 24910 AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor 25410

My version for these tracks does not have any shader developed by the reza, only the sky, trees and loading screen.
Everything that could be done to hit the tracks for the AMS, to the best of my knowledge, I did and now stays with those who want to hit the errors that still persist, such as:
- Sudden FPS drop in replays.
- Bumps during the turn, which hinder but little.
- I do not know how it will work in multiplayer mode.
- 09: 00h am the sky is dark as if it were at night, but the whole track receives normal time lighting.
Basically these are the problems I detected.
But overall, the result was show.
I hope you like and have fun.
Happy Bday! cico
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AMS_Mills Metropark from rfactor
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